About Us


Eco Wizard is a market-leading reseller of SMART Home and Underfloor Heating products, all specially chosen to enhance the efficiency and energy-saving potential of your home. 

Our team of technology experts - the Eco Wizards - are always looking out for the best brands and most innovative industry names, while constantly striving to offer you the most competitive pricing out there. 

We aim to conjure up a compelling portfolio of products that really stand out from the crowd. Eco Wizard stocks cutting-edge heating control solutions and Smart Home systems from exceptional brands such as Salus, who fuse advanced, technology-driven and research-led product development with effortless usability and simple installation.

Everything we give you has been chosen for the express purpose of supporting your individual needs, alongside the core demands of the ever changing modern world, the climate and increasing energy costs. 

Our brand selection process is stringent and we work globally to identify the best brands and products to support everyone’s wide-ranging requirements. If you need it, Eco Wizard can probably source it.

By having strategic, direct relationships with key vendors, it means that we always maintain the high standards we set for ourselves, enabling us to offer the best pricing and manufacturer-supported technical support as well. We always endeavour to go above and beyond what is required in our field so your energy saving products work like magic.