Are robot lawn mowers worth it? If you want a smart, healthy, vibrant lawn this summer - but don't want to lose out on a single second of relaxation - it's time to consider looking into our cutting-edge range of smart mowing machines from EcoFlow...

Traditional lawn mowing can be tiring, time-consuming and often tedious... However, robot lawn mowers have solved this issue entirely. They have become even more intelligent and streamlined than ever before; using a combination of virtual boundary-setting tech, autonomous navigation and much more. So if garden chores are coming between you and your down time, now's the perfect opportunity to enjoy an immaculate lawn with almost zero effort.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will lay out the key benefits to owning a robot lawn mower, proving that they're more than just a gimmick but an asset to anyone looking to simplify their life in a quick, easy and eco-friendly way.

#1. Boundary-Setting Technology

If you're worried about physical wire barriers, the EcoFlow BLADE uses virtual boundary-setting technology to ensure your robot mower always stays within the perimeter of your lawn. At the tap of a smartphone app you can quickly and easily set mowing limits, link lawns and even edit boundaries as your garden evolves.

#2. Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Using X-Vision - BLADE's all-new visual sensor-based tech - your robot mower will be able to identify and avoid large and small garden obstacles such as outdoor furniture, flowers and water features. BLADE can also find alternative routes around garden debris so lawn mowing never gets interrupted. Concerned about rough surfaces or uneven terrain? No worries - the BLADE will easily deal with rising 27 degree slopes and 40mm rocks and stones thanks to the 20cm omnidirectional front wheels.

#3. Wide Cutting Distance

Enjoy even more grass cutting at remarkably reduced times with the mowers impressive 26cm cutting distance. You can also adjust the impressive 20-76mm grass-cutting range using the smartphone app at your convenience.

#4. Integrated Rain Sensors

If weather conditions are changeable or unpredictable, the BLADE's clever rain sensors will detect everything from light showers to steady rainfall and heavy downpours. Your robot mower will then be instantly instructed to return to its charger to ensure your mower stays protected and your lawn remains free of muddy wheel tracks, clogging and damaged turf.

#5. Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Thanks to the IPX5 water-resistance rating - if your BLADE gets covered in grass or caked with mud, you can easily wash away dirt and debris with the gentle pressure of a garden hose.

What We Offer...

At Eco Wizard, we offer a range of robotic lawn mowers and accessories to meet your grass-cutting requirements. Whether you want the vital essentials needed to achieve a smart, professional-looking cut and re-style, or you want the crucial accessories to deal with unsightly garden debris, including sticks, leaves and similar organic waste, we've got everything you need.

EcoFlow BLADE Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Tidy your garden with our cutting-edge robotic sweeping lawn mower featuring an astonishing 20mm-76mm grass cutting range that can be adjusted in seconds using the app. Made with a robust, long-lasting and waterproof design and a wide, stable construction, you'll experience an array of handy features including rain sensing, wire-free boundary setting and X-Vision Obstacle Avoidance technology.

EcoFlow BLADE Robot Lawn Mower Sweeping Kit

This must-have accessory can be easily connected to your EcoFlow BLADE Smart Robot Lawn Mower, cleaning up unwanted debris including leaves, sticks and similar waste from your garden. All you need to do is attach your sweeping kit to your robot lawn mower and you'll be able to swiftly collect any garden debris you come across.

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