EcoFlow WAVE 2: The World's First Heater AND Air Conditioner

Friday, 23rd of February 2024

Many devices lay claim to providing effective, all-in-one heating and cooling, but few actually deliver on their promises. The EcoFlow WAVE 2 is a world first - giving you all the warming benefits of a high quality space heater and the powerful fast-cooling

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6 Best Energy-Saving Smart Home Heaters For Winter

Monday, 15th of January 2024

When temperatures drop and home heating systems kick into life, it can often be easier to consider warmth and comfort over energy efficiency and money-saving potential. However, as energy prices rise and the cost of living crisis endures, consumers need to

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Which Smart Plugs Work With Hive, Google, Amazon & Apple Systems?

Friday, 29th of December 2023

The simplest and most effective way to transform any everyday household electrical item into a smart device is with a smart plug. If this is your first time venturing into the brave new world of smart home ecosystems, the different platforms and automations

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6 Ways Smart Thermostats Will Save You Money This Winter

Wednesday, 29th of November 2023

Smart thermostats aren't a gimmick, a fad-gadget or a flashy accessory - they're here to stay. They'll also work hard to save you money on your heating bills in the process. From controlling the temperature to setting heating schedules, a smart thermostat

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Eco Wizard's Best-Selling Portable Power Stations Of 2023

Tuesday, 31st of October 2023

In recent years, the appeal of portable power stations has grown significantly among tech enthusiasts and those who love the off-grid lifestyle. The range of carry-anywhere power solutions has also broadened, allowing customers to precisely tailor their power

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