We're excited to welcome you to our brand new website! When it comes to providing the very best energy-saving products for your home and heating appliances, Eco Wizard has the magic touch. A market-leading reseller of SMART Home and Underfloor Heating products, Eco Wizard will offer you exactly what you need, enhancing your living experience on multiple levels...

Our team of talented technology experts - the Eco Tech Wizards - are always on the look out for the best brands and unbeatable pricing, providing you with unique, innovative and, above all else, highly effective products that will work like a charm.

Whether your interests lie in eco-friendly and sustainable living, combating costly utility bills or a passion for cutting-edge home heating control, our core mission is to offer you a portfolio of products that support the needs of the modern, ever-changing world, the climate and the increase in energy costs.

If you need it, Eco Wizard can probably source it!

We have developed strategic, direct relationships with key vendors to constantly ensure our high standards are maintained, allowing us to offer not only the best pricing but also manufacturer-supported technical support. All our products are chosen under a rigorous brand selection process. We work globally to identify only the best brands and then handpick products to suit your needs perfectly.

When you shop with Eco Wizard, rest assured that your customer experience is supported by over 40 years of Eco Tech industry knowledge and experience. We also provide reliable customer service and a fast, safe and secure checkout.

From intelligent thermostats to smart radiator control, zone wiring centres to window and door sensors, Eco Wizard have conjured up a few captivating products here to help introduce you to our new ranges...

Salus Programmable Thermostat

Providing precise heating control with increased comfort and improved energy efficiency, our Salus Programmable Thermostat gives you everything from optimisation functions to load compensation and a large and intuitive LCD display.

Salus Zone Wiring Centre

Quick to install, this hard-wired control box comes with a module for your pump, boiler and chiller. Designed for the control of 5 independent zones, heat pump control, heating and cooling modes, advanced boiler, chiller and pump control.

Salus Universal Gateway

Connect your SALUS iT600 Smart Home devices together, and when connected to any WiFi router, this gateway allows control via Smartphone, Tablet or PC, using the SALUS Smart Home app.

Salus SW 600 Window / Door Sensor

Small, slim and wireless... This smart piece of kit detects when a window or door is open or closed and will report this to your SALUS iT600 Smart Home App. You'll get a smartphone alert and these updates will help you increase the energy efficiency of your heating system when used with HTR-RF thermostats via Smart Home rules engine.

So take a look around at our all-new and fully responsive website to discover the best energy-saving products for your SMART home and heating systems. If you have any questions about any of our products or a query about an order, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by phone or submit a written enquiry on our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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