Electric vehicles are surging in popularity, but are they safe to charge in the rain? EVs are still relatively new to the market and there's a voltaic buzz of questions that many electric car consumers have around how they work, as well as everyday care, usage and safety.

Once installed, an EV charger provides you with cost-effective, high quality fast-charging from the convenience of your home. You'll be able to avoid peak charging costs - saving you money when compared with public chargers - while also enjoying a safer, more flexible charging experience, allowing you to plug your car in overnight so you can wake up to a fully topped-up EV that's ready for your next journey.

At Eco Wizard, we offer EV chargers that are perfectly designed to be installed on the outside of your home, providing you with effortless charging as soon as you reverse into your driveway. But with all the rain and wind that lashes against our homes, how safe is it to charge electric cars in the rain?

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will ensure you stay completely up-to-date on the precautions and key design features that are integrated into your EV charger to keep you safe and reassured whenever you're ready to plug-in and get charging.

Is It Safe To Charge An Electric Car In The Rain?

Charging your electric vehicle is completely safe to do in the rain. EV chargers have been designed with a combination of waterproof design features, sealed components and stringent safety testing procedures to ensure that your EV charger is protected from poor outdoor weather conditions.

However, we do recommend that you install your charging point in an area that isn't prone to pooling and puddles to improve the longevity and reliability of your charger.

Electric vehicles are designed and tested to withstand the poorest weather conditions without risk of water ingress. There's no difference to charging an EV, come rain or shine; the charging ports and EV components on electric cars have been created using sealed waterproof parts that are tested and proven to be water resistant, so there's no danger of electrical hazards or water damage in heavy rain or stormy conditions.

Therefore, using your electric vehicle and EV charging point in tandem is totally safe in the rain and all other weather conditions. Both your electric car and charger have been rigorously designed to hold up against constant outdoor use without risk of water damage, short circuit, spark or loss of charge.

If you're unsure about anything to do with the suitability of your EV charger, we recommend looking at the Technical Specification of your chosen product at the point of purchase.

What We Offer...

Discover a wide range of smart, fast-charging, sleek and incredibly popular EV chargers at Eco Wizard. We offer a spectacular selection of cutting-edge vehicle charging points for all your home needs. Whether you live in a modern or a traditional abode, our EV chargers are beautifully designed to give you the best charging experience possible while also fitting in seamlessly with your home aesthetic.

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro 7kW Type 2 Smart EV Charger

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is not only beautifully designed to meet all your electric vehicle charging needs, it's also waterproof, dustproof, UV stable and impact rated. Compatible with all well-known car brands, giving you fast charging, scheduled charging and integrated cost control features.

Andersen EV A2 Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Point

A smart, aesthetically pleasing and stylish electric car and hybrid vehicle charging station. This unit is made from aluminium and stainless steel materials, giving you brilliant weatherproof protection against rain, sleet and snow. You'll enjoy 7kW (single phase) fast-charging power and a range of unique colours and textural finishes to suit modern or traditional homes.

Myenergi 7kW Type 2 Zappi Tethered EV Car Charging Point

This extremely popular and ultra-modern EV charging point works as a standard EV charger and features a range of eco-charging modes that allow you to make use of all of the green energy generated from your Solar PV system or wind generation. The Myenergi charging point also comes with an IP65 weatherproof rating to ensure the highest level of protection against water and dust.

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