When temperatures drop and home heating systems kick into life, it can often be easier to consider warmth and comfort over energy efficiency and money-saving potential. However, as energy prices rise and the cost of living crisis endures, consumers need to opt for home heaters that not only combat the cold but also provide much needed energy-saving benefits to reduce household energy bills and minimise environmental impact.

Heating and cooling your home makes up around 45-50% of your total energy bill. So, if you want to start saving money during the colder months, it's time to start looking at your heating appliances. Standard electric heaters have always had a reputation for being costly to run - but times and technology have changed. Right now there's an array of smart and modern electric, fan, infrared and portable heaters on the market that will provide heat and help you to keep energy costs down at the same time.

If you live in a flat, rented accommodation, a small home or apartment where central heating is impractical or impossible to install, then an energy-saving heating solution is essential. Similarly, remote working spaces, offices and working from home setups will also benefit dramatically from smart heaters that you can simply switch on to start enjoying fast, effective heating when you need it most.

Not only will you benefit from an energy-efficient method of heating but the 'smart' element to these heaters will allow you to control your heater via a smartphone app: setting schedules, enjoying effortless voice control, intelligent temperature monitoring and much, much more.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will reveal the very best smart electric heaters, fan heaters, infrared heaters and ceramic heaters to ensure your home is as warm and cosy as it is cost-efficient this winter. We've handpicked products from some of the most trusted brands on the market, including ENER-J, Black & Decker, Consort Claudgen and EcoFlow.

ENER-J Smart WiFi Radiator Heater

This ultra modern radiator heater is packed with features to deliver optimal energy-saving and efficient heating. You'll enjoy dual wattage, allowing you to switch between 1000W and 2000W to save energy. It also comes with multiple smart controls, including LED touchscreen operation, smartphone app and voice control. The sleek and stunning design will blend beautifully into any modern home.

Black & Decker Digital PTC Fan Heater With Timer

A compact, space-saving choice for desktops, bedside tables and workstations, this Digital PTC Fan Heater comes with two heat settings, including an ECO function and an efficient ceramic stone heating element. The hot air generated by this heater is cleverly preserved in the element which helps to maintain a consistent temperature while using less energy in the process. Can be easily controlled using the LED touch-control pane.

Consort Claudgen Wi-Fi App Controlled Slimline Panel Heater

This slimline, wall-mounted panel heater is quiet to operate, making it a great option for bedrooms, nurseries and environments where high-level concentration is required. Connects directly to WiFi and is simple to set up and control via the Consort Connect App for Frost, Auto, Manual and Boost modes. You can also configure the settings of all your connected heaters at the touch of a smartphone or tablet. The lockable digital control panel has an easy-to-read display and 4 large control buttons with tactile feedback.

ENER-J 450W Mirror Infrared Heater with CCT & Dimmable LED Lights

The future of smart heating has arrived... This infrared heater will keep your room warm while providing you with a slim, sleek and discreet mirror that you can mount on any bathroom wall. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving, the infrared heating plate heats like sunlight with no CO2 emissions and allows you to enjoy up to 50% cost savings compared to other heating systems. Quickly mount the mirror heater using the accessories provided.

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner & Heater

Great for summer and winter. This WAVE 2 is the first ever wireless portable AC and heater unit, providing incredibly fast cooling and heating with no installation or drainage required. Great for the home, caravan, off-grid living space or boat, as well as camping and travelling environments. Sleeping near your EcoFlow WAVE 2 couldn't be more peaceful thanks to the quiet (44dB) Sleep Mode function.

ENER-J Smart WiFi PTC Ceramic Heater

Great for homes, bedrooms, garages, schools and offices. The Smart WiFi PTC Ceramic Heater is made with advanced PTC ceramic heating elements that provide faster, more efficient, longer and safer heat transfer than traditional fan heaters. The slim, lightweight design makes this heater versatile enough for a range of different spaces in the home and office. The temperature can be easily controlled remotely from the ENERJSMART App or via voice control with Alexa, Google, Siri or your Apple Watch.

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