Many devices lay claim to providing effective, all-in-one heating and cooling, but few actually deliver on their promises. The EcoFlow WAVE 2 is a world first - giving you all the warming benefits of a high quality space heater and the powerful fast-cooling properties of an air conditioning unit.

If you're like most homeowners, you'll be faced with the dilemma of whether to go all in on a home heater for winter or to invest in a costly air conditioning unit to handle the recurring heatwaves. The WAVE 2 solves this problem by melding together two vital devices for home temperature management, allowing you to stay cosy when the temperature drops and perfectly cool and comfortable in the height of summer.

More and more we're experiencing the effects of extreme temperatures in the UK and the smart heating and cooling innovations provided in EcoFlow's WAVE 2 have been created to solve this problem. Whether you're relaxing or working from home, the WAVE 2 will tailor itself to whatever season you find yourself in.

So, what do I need to know about the WAVE 2?

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will explain exactly why you need to streamline your home and do away with multiple heaters and inferior desk fans, opting instead for this brilliant all-in-one product that will ensure you stay at the very pinnacle of home comfort.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Rapid Cooling & Heating: Just 5 minutes of cooling will cause the temperature to drop 10℃ from 30℃ and 5 minutes of heating will raise the temperature 10℃ from 20℃ (for 10m³).
  • Portability: Easy to carry from room to room or to take with you for easy, convenient heating and cooling in your tent, RV, truck, off-grid home, boat, small office or bedroom space.
  • Compact Design: Designed to fit perfectly into any environment with a selection of air duct adapters to suit compact, confined or limited spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses R290, a clean, green and natural refrigerant, making the WAVE 2 an eco-friendly choice for cooling your home and reducing your carbon footprint with lower global warming potential and no ozone emissions. It can also run up to 8 hours in the Eco Mode setting.
  • 4 Convenient Ways To Charge: Charge the WAVE 2 via AC, solar, a car or your EcoFlow Portable Power Station. You can also enjoy 8 hours of comfort with the add-on battery (sold separately).
  • Sleep Mode For Quieter Heating & Cooling: Operates quietly at 44dB in Sleep Mode for long-lasting comfort and uninterrupted rest.
  • Extremely Simple To Use: Requires no installation or drainage in cooling mode.
  • Pairable With Other EcoFlow Products: Can also be paired with an EcoFlow DELTA 2 or DELTA Max Portable Power Station for an extra long and even more efficient runtime.

How Does The WAVE 2 Work?

The EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Heater & Air Conditioner works by using a clever heat pump system, giving you all the benefits of quality heating and cooling. This heat pump is far greener and more energy efficient than standard electric heaters as it absorbs and moves heat instead of creating it. EcoFlow's unique compressor allows the WAVE 2 to provide 5100 BTUs of cooling and 6100 BTUs of heating.

You can use the unit without the ducts but we recommend employing sufficient ventilation by attaching the ducts (included) to speed up the heating or cooling process and enhance your energy efficiency in the process.

How Do I Use The WAVE 2?

The WAVE 2 is very simple and straightforward to use, requiring no installation or drainage in cooling mode. Once removed from its packaging, simply lie the WAVE 2 down on a flat surface and avoid tilting the unit beyond 15 degrees.

Leave a clear, unobstructed space of at least 50cm between the inlet/outlet fans and the surrounding walls of your home. Short press the power button and the LCD display will light up allowing you to use the buttons to control individual settings and functions such as adjusting the temperature of the unit.

You can also scan the QR code on your WAVE 2 and download the EcoFlow app to make it even easier to control the temperature of your home by seamlessly switching between heating and cooling modes at the tap of a smartphone or tablet.

For optimal performance, make sure the WAVE 2 stays in a static position for 2 hours before first-time use.

Make The WAVE 2 Your Own With Add-On Batteries & Solar Power...

At Eco Wizard we offer a range of optional extras to expand your charging options, allowing you to get the most out of your WAVE 2 Heater & Air Conditioner. Whether you're looking for convenient on-the-go power or a green alternative energy source, we've got just what you need.

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Swappable Battery For Air Conditioner/Heater

This high-quality swappable battery delivers an additional 8 hours of use with an impressive 1159Wh add-on capacity when connected to your WAVE 2. Made with a super-simple detachable design that's both slim and easy to carry with you, this battery transforms your WAVE 2 into a completely portable heater and air conditioner. It's also great for using as a spare or replacement to keep with you while you're home or away.

EcoFlow 400W Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Power up your WAVE 2 with clean, renewable energy when you connect it to our weatherproof, one-piece, folding solar panel. Ideal for camping, travelling and living off-grid, this eco-friendly power source allows you to enjoy heating and air conditioning with a reduced impact on the environment. It also folds out on a stable stand that adjusts to capture the most rays possible. Once you're finished charging, the compact design can be quickly collapsed, folded and stored in the protective case provided.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Fast Charging Portable Power Station

Need another power alternative? Connect your WAVE 2 to one of EcoFlow's portable power stations. If you need convenient, reliable, carry-anywhere power, the DELTA 2 is made for almost any situation. It comes with a range of inputs that will let you use your WAVE 2 in a more energy efficient way that doesn't rely on the grid. The DELTA 2 also offers the fastest charging speeds on the market and powers pretty much any device or appliance in your home.

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