Whether you're on a remote camping trip in the most secluded area of outstanding natural beauty or you're relaxing in your own back garden, the convenience of carry-anywhere, off-grid energy at your fingertips is always possible when you have a portable power station close by.

If you thought portable power stations were purely built for power cuts and energy outages, then you're only experiencing half of what these incredible portable power sources can generate for you. But if you're not already familiar with these ingenious innovations in battery technology: what are portable power stations anyway?

Portable power stations are practical, easy-to-carry rechargeable power generators - think of them as a supersized power bank - with a larger battery capacity and a wider range of outlets ports for charging virtually all your commonly used devices and appliances. Usually, your average pocket-sized power bank will give you a couple of smartphone charges for shorter journeys and overnight stays, whereas a portable power station will keep your laptop, computer, TV, or even a blender, air conditioning unit or fridge running - depending on its storage capacity and wattage of the devices, of course.

Although portable power stations are exceptionally powerful, practical and versatile, many of the most vital benefits will be desirable to homeowners looking into backup power for peace of mind, or for those who enjoy travelling, camping and spending lots of time outdoors during the summer.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will take you through all of the unmissable advantages to owning a portable power station, from some of our trusted brands, including EcoFlow and Energizer. We'll help shed some light on how these revolutionary portable power stations can transform your lifestyle, both indoors and out.

Portable Power When You Need It

Whether you're at home or on the move, out travelling, camping, fishing, partying or in the garage, our portable power stations adapt to almost any setting or surrounding. You and your family will experience all the comforts and convenience of home living wherever you are. And if you happen to find yourself without power, your portable power station will act as the ultimate backup generator for all your vital energy requirements in emergency situations.

From our affordable, small and powerful EcoFlow RIVER Mini Fast Charging Portable Power Station to our impressive EcoFlow DELTA Pro Fast Changing Portable Power Station, Eco Wizard offer portable power stations for all budgets and individual needs, including your everyday and heavy-duty power necessities.

Fast Charging Capabilities

EcoFlow uses cutting-edge charging technology called “X-Stream” - the world's fastest charging tech, delivering lightning fast charging speeds. In just 1 hour your EcoFlow Portable Power Station will be 80% charged thanks to X-Stream - which increases the voltage and charging rate - resulting in an increase in electrical flow for a safe and rapid charge every time.

Powers Virtually All Your Home Devices...

Depending on the capacity you go for, EcoFlow's portable power stations will have no problem powering almost all your standard home devices from smartphones and laptops to TVs, fans, coffee makers, electric grills, WiFi routers, lights and more!

Take our DELTA 2 for example - this PPS will let you charge 13 devices, whether you're camping with family or round the table at a garden party. Unlike other brands, the DELTA 2 helps to protect against overloading from devices up to 2400W thanks to X-Boost technology.

For example, when you use the DELTA 2, you'll get 89 smartphone(11Wh) charges, 16 laptop(60W) charges, 31 hours of illumination from a 10W light bulb, 30 hours from a 40W fan and 8 hours of power from a 110W TV.

And Your Larger Appliances Too...

If you own a 120W fridge you'll get around 7 hours of power, keeping your food and other perishables cool while you're camping or travelling. Owing to EcoFlow inverters, their power stations can power almost anything your own and with the 1800-3600W UK AC output range, you'll be able to choose one that meets your requirements - simply plug in and go! The DELTA series will also allow you to use power tools as well.

Long-Lasting Battery Technology

If you're disillusioned by draining batteries, EcoFlow's portable power stations are made with battery tech that's designed to last 6x longer. Their modern LiFePO4 battery chemistry will give you an astonishing 3000+ full charge and drain cycles for years of reliable use.

A Cleaner Source Of Energy

Portable power stations are, by definition, off-grid power solutions. When in use, portable power stations will power devices without being reliant on regional power distributions, for a greener, more sustainable, emission-free, carbon-footprint-lowering power source... but that's not all. You can also pair your EcoFlow portable power station with our portable and foldable solar panels, giving you an even more eco-friendly and self-sufficient form of power.

Simply plug in one of these ingenious solar panels and you'll never look back when it comes to conventional power. Great for camping, hiking and outdoor activities, all you need to do is unfold the solar panel and start capturing solar energy instantly at any time of the day.

Packed With Ports & Power Outlets

EcoFlow's Portable Power Stations are also equipped with a wide array of different inputs and outputs - depending on the particular model you go for. You'll get everything from AC Charge Input/Output, DC5521 Outputs and Car Power Outputs to USB-A Fast Charge and USB-C Outputs, Car Charger and Solar Charge Inputs to meet virtually all your charging needs.

App-Controlled Convenience From Anywhere

Download the EcoFlow App for smart control, port monitoring and general management of your own portable power station. At the tap of a smartphone you'll be able to view everything from charging data to customisation settings and even special visualisations. Use your app via a WiFi connection or even link with Bluetooth when you're in a remote location.

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