The Smart Home consumer market is a vast landscape of smart products you can trust and some you have to be wary of. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the trustworthy products from the trash - and it can be even more difficult to work out if a new piece of smart home wizardry is going to work in conjunction with your existing smart home ecosystem.

Digital Trust is the onus we put on technology to deliver on these values of reliability, quality - and centrally - compatibility. In the ever-confusing and elusive world of privacy and security, it can be hard to work out how 'safe' a product is and how responsible a product is with the data we share.

According to Statista - the market and consumer data statistical analysis platform - "Revenue in the Smart Home market is projected to reach $17.81 billion by 2027." With surging interest in smart home devices, from smart thermostats and heating to app-controlled lighting and smart plugs, this calls into question the issue of digital trust as a prevailing issue more than ever before.

Luckily, the solution has already arrived in the form of Matter.

If you're new to the world of smart home tech - or you just need a quick refresher - Matter is an intelligent smart home standard that serves as a universal language, communicating with your smart home devices that belong to different brands.

When using Matter, you won't waste time flicking between a range of different apps for every single appliance, and you don't need to remember an exact voice command to control a specific smart device.

You and your whole family can control otherwise conflicting smart home devices using the app or the voice assistant of your choice. Whether you own Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant - or specific home control apps on your tablet or smartphone - Matter allows them all to play together.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard are going to reveal exactly why you should put your digital trust in the Matter smart home standard, providing you with all the advantages, assets and insights you need to know about before you get connected.

Clever Compatibility

Whether you use any of the four largest smart home platforms - Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Samsung SmartThings - your different devices will work together, all under the umbrella of Matter's universal language, regardless of the brand of device you use. This gives you seamless control and a simple user experience while also allowing you to use the Voice Assistant, apps and setup preferences of your choice.

Streamlined & Simplified Setup

Thanks to Matter's interoperability protocol, setting up and adding new devices to your smart home ecosystem has never been easier. Many of the Matter-compatible devices we sell at Eco Wizard are listed as such in the product information so, providing your device is Thread and Matter supported, you'll be able to purchase your device and then easily scan it on Apple HomeKit, for example, and it will already be visible on your Google Smart Home app without the need for any complex cross-compatibility setups or drawn-out installation processes.

First-Class Connectivity

Matter's 'unifying' industry standard delivers reliable and secure connectivity that works completely via your local network. It uses your Ethernet and WiFi connection, but crucially, it also uses Thread - a low-power wireless radio networking protocol that allows devices to communicate to each other completely locally - and doesn't require a home internet connection. Your gadgets will also be quicker and more responsive to use when you use Matter.

This also means that, unlike inferior systems that rely entirely on cloud connection for everything, Matter devices will still work even if your internet connection is down.

However, cloud connection is still possible with Matter, and the service will let you control your devices when you're out of the house.

Privacy Is Paramount

Privacy is a cornerstone of Matter's industry-connecting vision for the smart home sector. When you use Matter, you'll enjoy industry-grade encryption and individual device authentication that requires every device to be manually approved before joining your network.

Matter are also incredibly keyed into the importance of data protection: "Using the highest possible level of civilian cryptographic standards for network communications to ensure that unauthorised entities cannot easily access or tamper with data communicated between Matter devices."

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