The Great Big Green Week is the most expansive celebration of community action to combat climate change and protect nature. Every year, the eco-minded and environmentally conscious join together to commemorate, illuminate and reinforce the importance of climate action across a series of events, workshops and discussion panels nation-wide.

Back in 2021, the first ever Great Big Green Week was held, and since then it has grown and flourished into a popular, wide-ranging and inclusive cause. In fact, "more than a quarter of a million people got involved" in Great Big Green Week, 2023. As for 2024, Green Week is currently on-track for another impressive year of climate change awareness.

At Eco Wizard, we're doing our part to contribute to the creation of a more eco-friendly smart home lifestyle...

Smart home technology not only creates a more effortless and seamless interconnected experience between the different devices in your smart home ecosystem; the cutting-edge control and modern features that smart home products offer you will actually improve the energy-efficiency of your home, helping to save energy, slash energy bills and build a more sustainable home to support a greener, more positive future.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard has curated a selection of popular energy-saving smart home products to make your home more eco-friendly. At the time of posting, we have big deals on big brands - offering up to 30% off a giant selection of unmissable eco-products as part of our Big Green Week Special Offer. So what are you waiting for? Check out our vital energy-saving products from trusted brands Salus, EcoFlow, Aqara and more...

Salus RT310RF Digital RF Room Thermostat - 230V

This simple yet smart electric room thermostat is one of our most popular products, allowing you to control your heating system and underfloor heating temperature easily and efficiently. Featuring a simple display and user-friendly buttons, this thermostat comes with a range of features and functions to make your home an eco-friendly and energy-saving one.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Fast Changing Portable Power Station (3600W 3600Wh)

A portable home battery with lightning-fast charging. If you really want to live a more energy efficient life, then you need a portable power station to store energy at home, while travelling or even on the road. You can power almost any of your home devices and you can even connect two DELTA Pro generators together for even more power at your fingertips. When you choose DELTA Pro, you'll reduce your reliance on the power grid, cut down energy consumption and save money in the process.

Honeywell Home HR924 Evohome Radiator Controller Multi Zone Kit

Take full control of four radiators and four rooms (heating zones) independently in your home when using this multi-zone kit from Honeywell Home. Smart, simple to install and easy to operate, this kit comes with four Honeywell Home Evohome HR92 Radiator Controllers which allow you to precisely set the time and temperature of your radiators to save you energy and money in process.

Aqara H1 Smart Double Rocker Wall Light Switch (With Neutral)

Having greater, simpler and more convenient control of your lights and other connected devices will allow you to save more energy than before. The Aqara H1 Wall Switch works as an intelligent smart switch and you'll also be able to enjoy remote control via the Aqara App alongside timed control, power monitoring, power statistics and other brilliant functions.

Salus SP600 Smart Home Plug - 240V

Every eco-conscious home needs an array of smart plugs to effortlessly control all your favourite devices anytime, anywhere. Once your lights or similar or electric appliances are plugged in, you'll be able to monitor your devices via the SALUS iT600 Smart Home App, as well as easily time-program each socket and even observe the energy usage of the outlet itself.

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioner & Heater

The first ever wireless portable AC and heater unit. The WAVE 2 is an innovation in 2-in-1 fast cooling and heating with no installation or complicated drainage required. Perfect for any compact space, the WAVE 2 is great for heating and cooling your tent, RV, truck, off-grid home, boat, small office or bedroom space. Want to stay comfortable while you're asleep? Switch on the WAVE 2's quiet (44dB) Sleep Mode function for the perfect slumber.

Discover a wide range of smart home products like these and so much more at Eco Wizard. From smart security to handy home sensors, indoor lighting to eco-friendly bathroom tech, we've got exactly what you need to transform your home into an environmentally-friendly haven for a brighter, greener and more responsible world.

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