The smart home experience has just become a lot simpler thanks to the recent rolling out of Eve Home's brand new Matter firmware update. Although some companies have been slow off the mark when it comes to embracing the exciting changes brought about by the new Matter smart home standard, Eve Home has responded swiftly with their first Matter update for customers, now available to install in Eve's Early Access Program.

What Is Matter?

Whether you're completely new to the world of smart home tech or you need a quick refresh, Matter is an intelligent smart home standard that acts as a universal language between smart home devices belonging to different brands.

When you use Matter you won't waste time opening a range of different apps for every single appliance and you won't have to remember an exact voice command to control a specific smart device.

So if you own Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri) or Google (Assistant), Matter-compatible devices will work together, regardless of the brand of device you use, giving you seamless control and a simple user experience with easy setup and consistent, responsive local connectivity.

You and your whole family can control otherwise conflicting smart home devices using the app or voice assistant of your choice. Whether you own Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant - or specific device control apps on your tablet or smartphone - Matter allows them all to play together.

How Do I Install The New Eve Home Update For Matter?

To download Eve Home's new Matter firmware update, you'll have to join the Eve Home community through their Early Access Program. From there your Eve Home devices can be updated to give you compatibility with Matter, allowing you to control your smart devices from the smartphone app or voice assistant of your choice.

To begin your early access application you'll need to make sure your Thread Border Router-capable home hub (such as HomePod Mini or Apple TV 4K) is connected to your network and is updated to the latest OS version and that your iPhone or iPad has iOS 16.2 or later. The firmware on your Eve devices also need to be fully up-to-date. Once these steps are completed you can then apply to the Early Access Program.

For full compatibility, requirements and device update details, visit the Getting Started With Matter page on the Eve Home website. At the bottom of the web page you'll find the form you need to complete to gain access to the Early Access Program.

What Eve Products Are Supported In The New Update?

If you want to take advantage of Eve Home's all-new Matter compatibility update, make sure your devices are compatible. The Early Access Program currently allows the following Thread-enabled Eve Home devices to be updated:

Eve Home Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor

Eve Door & Window Contact Sensors are designed to detect whether your home windows and doors are open or closed for effortless energy saving and security monitoring. You'll also be able to view home sensor records and know at a glance what happened on any day, month or year, all underpinned with the highest data privacy available.

Eve Home Wireless Secuity Smart Motion & Light Sensor

Know exactly what's happening in your home while controlling lights, appliances and entire scenes with the Smart Motion & Light Sensor. Once installed, you'll receive notifications as soon as movement is detected, along with IPX3 water resistance benefits and the highest level of security to protect your data.

Eve Home Energy Smart Plug & Power Usage Meter

Control your indoor lamps and home appliances from anywhere with a simple tap of a smartphone or by asking your choice of voice-controlled personal assistant with the Energy Smart Plug & Power Usage Meter from Eve. You'll be able to control your connected devices from anywhere and monitor power consumption, all with this easy-setup smart plug that also comes with autonomous schedules and provides the highest level of data privacy.

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