The future of convenient, easy-to-carry, 'clean' energy tech comes in the form of solar electricity panels. However, solar power itself is no longer confined to empty rooftop spaces and solar farms, so you can now harness the power of the sun wherever you are with our portable solar panels range.

Whether you're travelling, camping, on a caravan trip or spending time off-grid in the great outdoors, you'll always have energy at your fingertips with a portable power station and a portable solar panel with you to capture green, cost-effective, renewable energy when electricity sources are scarce.

If you've never ventured into the world of carry-anywhere power sources, portable power stations are practical rechargeable power generators - think of them as a supersized power bank - with a larger battery capacity and a wider range of outlets ports for charging virtually all your commonly used devices and appliances. Whereas pocket-sized power banks will give your smartphone a few limited charges on-the-go, a portable power station will keep your laptop, computer, TV, blender, air conditioning unit or fridge running - depending on its storage capacity and the wattage of the devices, of course.

When you connect your portable power station to a corresponding portable solar panel you'll enjoy an immaculate and virtually infinite source of electricity for every eventuality, whether that be for recreational use or power cuts and emergencies.

So, should you consider buying a portable solar panel?

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will shed light on the best reasons to invest in portable solar power from trusted brands including EcoFlow and Bluetti. So whether you're a complete solar panel novice or you're weighing up your portable power options, allow us to lay out the most dazzling advantages to turning your world towards solar power.

Excellent Compatibility

Whether you opt for our Bluetti or EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels, you can rest assured that they will be compatible with not only brand-specific solar generators but most third party generators too. The brands we offer utilise MC4 solar connectors, allowing you to easily connect any compatible portable power station or solar generator to start reaping the benefits of solar energy to power your appliances and devices as quickly as possible. Energy can be easily and conveniently stored in your solar generator until required, for all your powering and charging needs.

High Conversion Efficiency

If you didn't know already, conversion efficiency is the percentage amount of solar energy that is converted into useful electricity when the sun shines down on your solar panel. Both our portable solar panel brands boast impressive conversion efficiency rates: up to 23.4% for Bluetti and up to 22% for EcoFlow.

This impressive ray-capturing technology is all thanks to the monocrystalline silicon cells designs that are well known for their high efficiency rates, providing you with the maximum level of solar energy absorption at all times - even in cloudy, overcast or rainy conditions.

Hardwearing & Weather-Resistant

Eco Wizard's portable solar panels are built for life outdoors. Not only are the panels robust enough for regular, everyday use in the garden, the great outdoors, camping environments or similar situations, they're also protected from the weather elements too. Both Bluetti and EcoFlow portable solar panels are made with a lightweight, durable and splash-proof layer of ETFE to hold up against most weather conditions, water splashes and even scratches too. This makes our solar panels hardwearing enough for fishing trips, lakeside holidays or locations near rivers, streams and creeks.

Lightweight, Foldable & Portable

Portable solar panels are incredibly easy to carry for effortless transportation and setup. Simply unfold your panel to start capturing sunlight and then fold it away for simple carrying and storage purposes. EcoFlow's offerings transform the solar panel case into a clever self-supporting stand that easily adjusts the flexible solar panels to capture even more rays to bump conversion efficiency up to 22%. The folding panel then simply packs away into the hardwearing carry bag for storage in your home, car or caravan.

Bluetti solar panels come with an easily adjustable kickstand integrated into the portable solar panel design. The kickstand snaps neatly into place, allowing you to start capturing solar energy as quickly as possible.

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