If you want all the different smart home devices you use around your home to coexist together, it's time to introduce you to the future of universal smart home control, and it's called Matter.

When adding to an existing smart home ecosystem, you'll likely be juggling a number of products from different brands that, in the past, would not be compatible with one another. But the good news for smart home users is that Matter will allow you to control many of the most popular smart home tech and voice control brands easily from the app of your choice.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard explore everything that the Matter standard for smart home devices has to offer, and how this revolutionary smart home game-changer will allow all your smart home devices to work seamlessly and harmoniously together, making your life easier, faster and freer.

What Is Matter?

Matter is the first truly intelligent smart home standard. It allows you to control many different smart home devices and accessories from well-known brands such as Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri) or Google (Assistant) easily and effortlessly from any app or voice assistance control you own. Matter-compatible devices will therefore work together, regardless of the brand of device you use, giving you seamless control and a simple user experience with easy setup and consistent, responsive local connectivity.

Any Matter-compatible devices will be incredibly simple to use within your smart home system, allowing you and your whole family to control devices in your home using the app or voice assistant of your choice. Whether you own Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant - or specific device control apps on your tablet or smartphone - Matter lets them all play together.

When you use the Matter standard, it widens the platform support, making set ups quick, simple and how you want to do it. For example, when you use Matter, you won't waste time opening a range of different apps for every single appliance and you won't have to remember an exact voice command to play a song from your closest speaker. If you buy a smart product such as a smart plug, smart switch, smart thermostat or similar device that is supported by Matter, you'll be able to set it up using Apple's Homekit or from Google or Amazon voice assistance.

How Does Matter Work?

One of the biggest hurdles you'll face, if you own multiple different smart home standards, is interoperability - the ability for different devices to exchange and make use of information. Matter is an open source interoperability standard, maintained by the The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) - previously named the Zigbee Alliance. The Matter standard joins CSA's international community of over 550 international technology companies committed to open standards and there are in-excess of 280 Matter Members currently, including the big names.

This means that all your favourite smart home platforms, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and more all work together, embracing and flourishing out of the same system. The seamless relationship between these competing brands has resulted in a surge in popularity with many brands already signed up and potential for a plethora of others to join too.

What Products Can I Use With Matter?

A quick firmware update will mean that many of your existing Thread, Z-Wave, or Zigbee devices will be Matter-ready from the get-go. However, you may find that some devices will never work with this ingenious new standard.

However, Eco Wizard have fully embraced Matter, with a range of brilliant compatible devices from Eve Home products, including our Eve Home Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor, Energy Smart Plug & Power Usage Meter, Wireless Security Smart Motion & Light Sensor and more.

Matter 1.0 is available now and you can start upgrading your existing Matter-supported devices or expand your smart home with our incredible range of Eve Home products here at Eco Wizard.

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