If you're an electric vehicle owner then the convenience of being able to charge your car battery at home is an incredibly desirable prospect that's worth taking advantage of. Smart charging your electric car at home is a new, extremely efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way of keeping your eco-vehicle running, allowing you to experience all the benefits of public charging points with the potential to power-up your car a lot faster than using a standard 3-pin plug.

What Is An EV Home Charging Station?

An EV home charging station is a power supply source that recharges or tops up your plug-in electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle. At Eco Wizard, you'll discover a range of impressive EV charging points with a choice of charging speeds, including 7kW and 22kW tethered or untethered options, as well as premium electric vehicle charging points that can be customised with a choice of colours to match your home aesthetic and personal preferences.

But that's not all...

The beauty of our smart EV vehicle charging equipment means that you can get the most out of our integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; allowing you to monitor economy tariffs, charging costs and your electric car's charging behaviour at the tap of a smartphone app. You can also make full use out of your existing home solar panels or other grid-tied microgeneration systems to enable you to charge your car using the green energy generated entirely from your own home. You'll therefore be able to lower your carbon footprint and have full peace of mind when you purchase an EV charging station from Eco Wizard.

In our latest blog, we'll examine some of the very best home electric vehicle charging stations out there from the most trusted brands in EV equipment including Andersen and Myenergi. Whether you're an eco-conscious driver or you're simply looking for the most convenient vehicle charging solution possible, your life will be made easier with our ultra modern EV chargers.

Andersen EV A2 Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Not only is the Andersen EV A2 Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Point a sleek and stylish-looking charging solution for indoor and outdoor use, it provides 7kW (single phase) of fast-charging power from the lightweight and flexible hidden 5.5 metre cable included. Quicker, easier and cheaper to install, the EV A2 doesn't require earth rods and the magnetic lid lifts up for straightforward access to the plug compartment. You can also make use of the built-in solar integration and experience the Kønnect+ App to track and remember your electric vehicle's charging behaviour or see the cost of every single charge instantly.

Whether you live in a modern or a traditional home, choose from a range of front plate and body colours to suit the look of your abode. From Carbon Fibre to Cotswold Oak, you'll find a style to match your home perfectly.

Myenergi Zappi EV Car Charging Point (Tethered)

You can choose from two different charging speeds (7kW or 22kW) when you buy the Zappi EV Car Charging Point - as well as the option to have a tamper kit included with your charger. This smart tech-integrated electric car charging point works just as effectively as a standard EV charger and also comes with a range of eco-charging modes that allow you to make use of all of the green energy generated from your Solar PV system or wind generation. You also have the ability to choose to either draw your power from the grid or to optimise and make use of your home-generated renewable power.

The Tethered version of this charger comes with a built-in and non-detachable industry standard Type 2 cable that is suitable for all modern EVs, suiting those looking for pure convenience and instant accessibly to their charging solution.

Myenergi Zappi EV Car Charging Point (Untethered)

The Untethered version of this charger also comes with a choice of 7kW or 22kW charging speeds but without an integrated cable attached, allowing you to use and connect your own. A must-have if you happen to own Type 1 vehicles and require a special Type 1 to Type 2 cable or if you require a custom length cable - such as a longer cable to reach your vehicle. Untethered EV chargers are also great if you're concerned about aesthetics, tidiness or minimalism around your home.

Both versions of the Zappi feature three charging modes, including ECO, ECO+ and Fast. The ECO settings use your existing solar or wind energy integrated with grid power and Fast Charge mode operates like any other mains powered EV charger. And why not pair your Zappi with the Myenergi app as well? Simply tap the app to set timers for your EV charger, make use of economy tariffs, switch on the Boost mode easily, and monitor your devices to keep an eye on consumption and crucial charging metrics.

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