Whether you're an avid Amazon fan, an Apple obsessive or Google is your go-to, the rising popularity of the 'smart home' now means that you have a choice of which systems, voice assistants and devices you specifically enjoy to make home synchronisation and control even easier than ever before.

With the all-new Matter standard rolling out across an array of smart home platforms and devices, universal control over all your different smart products is becoming easier and more convenient that ever before.

Arguably, the most significant symbiosis is between Matter and HomeKit, Apple's smart home platform.

Initially HomeKit was one of the more expensive smart home solutions due to complex Apple-specific microchips and limited device support on previous iOS releases. However, in recent years, Apple has solved many of these issues and Homekit has gradually gained momentum in the consumer market. Apple's keen adoption of the Matter is a crucial development in the smart home world, and a sign of exceptional confidence in the standard, with Matter support ready and waiting in iOS 16.1 update.

What Is Matter?

So what does all this mean for you? If you're new to the world of smart home home tech - or you just need a quick refresher - Matter is an intelligent smart home standard that serves as a universal language, communicating with your smart home devices belonging to different brands.

When using Matter, you won't waste time flicking between a range of different apps for every single appliance and you don't need to remember an exact voice command to control a specific smart device.

So if you own Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri) or Google (Assistant), Matter-compatible devices will work together, regardless of the brand of device you use, giving you seamless control and a simple user experience with easy setup and consistent, responsive, local connectivity.

You and your whole family can control otherwise conflicting smart home devices using the app or the voice assistant of your choice. Whether you own Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant - or specific device control apps on your tablet or smartphone - Matter allows them all to play together.

Using Matter Devices With Apple Home

If you want to use a Matter device within your Apple HomeKit ecosystem, you can click on your Apple Home app, or any of your other preferred smart home apps and simply add the device from there. Once paired, Apple Home will instantly support your chosen Matter device across Apple Home's Control Centre, Siri Voice Assistant and in your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or other smart home tech brand of choice.

Do I Need A HomeKit Hub To Use My Matter Devices?

Yes, but you may already have one. If you own either a HomePod or Apple TV (4th generation or later) these devices can automatically be used as Home hubs. At Eco Wizard we include compatibility requirements in the descriptions of our 'works with Apple HomeKit' products to ensure that your smart devices will work with the Apple equipment that you currently own. If you have any questions, please contact us either by phone or fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to help.

How Secure Are My Matter Devices When Pairing To Apple iOS?

When you pair your new Matter device, Apple states that: "iOS maintains the highest levels of privacy and security, ensuring the user is always aware of which accessories join their home and is in full control of their smart home network." As with all of Apple's user information and data, such as location info, photos, contacts and calendars, apps will have to request access to add an accessory to your home.

When pairing a new device, the iOS camera viewfinder will pop up to scan the Matter setup code. Once you scan it, your smartphone will provision the device onto your Wi-Fi or Thread connections as necessary. iOS sends a pairing code to your app and you can then set up administrator requirements and permissions on the smart home device via IP using the pairing code provided.

Is Every HomeKit Device Matter-Compatible?

If you're looking to buy a new HomeKit device, make sure you check the packaging or the technical descriptions and look out for the Matter branding. Not all HomeKit devices will be compatible, but it is possible that any currently incompatible devices may become compatible following future firmware updates. However, there are no guarantees with these older devices, so ensure that when you buy new HomeKit hardware that it's Matter-ready to avoid any disappointment.

Right now there are an incredible range of over 50 different brands that now work with HomeKit. At Eco Wizard we offer selection of innovative HomeKit-compatible energy-saving and home control products from Tado and Eve Home.

Eve Home Smart Thermo Radiator Control Valve

This brilliantly smart energy-saving TRV individually heats the different rooms of your home or heats your entire house at the tap of a smartphone. Brilliantly for keeping energy bills down you can also use this Thermo Radiator Control Valve independent of your iPhone and internet connection.

Tado Home Wireless Temperature Sensor (Add On) 104 x 104 x 18mm

Enjoy new levels of comfort with this Apple-compatible temperature sensor for Tado. Great for achieving new levels of comfort in your house, you can use voice commands to control your heating with a variety of smart speakers that are compatible with this device, such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

Nanoleaf Colour Changing Smart LED Strip Light Starter Kit - 2m

A dazzling all-in-one back-lighting option with virtually limitless colour options that can be easily controlled via the Nanoleaf app or using voice commands to make the adjustments. Super simple to set up, simply attach the light strip around the edges of your furniture, along the kitchen counter, behind the TV, around gaming setups or wherever else you like!

Eve Home Door & Window Wireless Contact Sensor

Detect whether your home windows and doors are open or closed for security and energy saving purposes. You can equip the contact sensor to control other HomeKit Accessories in your home whenever your doors or windows are opened or closed to save energy and become even more environmentally friendly.

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