The future of home heating has arrived, giving you complete control, improved comfort and enhanced energy-saving potential at the touch of a smartphone.

If you're concerned about your conventional central heating system's spiralling running costs, or looking to save resources and make changes that will help reduce your environmental footprint, Salus have the solution for you.

The Salus Smart Home System has been designed with the precise purpose of running your heating system as efficiently and effectively as possible while also making the operation ultra convenient and based on your individual comfort.

At Eco Wizard, we stock a range of cutting-edge Smart products that will work in complete symbiosis, allowing you to control and monitor your system and even problem solve and bolster security around your home. Still need convincing? Eco Wizard are here to guide you through all the key benefits and advantages to installing a Smart Home Heating Control System today.

Saves Energy. Saves Money

In the UK, over half of household energy bills can be attributed to home heating. In fact, the typical abode will use around 12,000 kilowatt hours (Kwh) of heat per year. This means sustaining an economic home temperature that is tailored to the needs of individuals in the home and the heating requirements of each room is incredibly important.

With A Smart Home Heating System you get full, omnipresence control of your home heating. This allows you to programme heating and set up unique temperature settings for each room, according to how frequently the room in question is used, who's home at the time and what type of room it is. By only heating the necessary parts of your home you'll create an incredibly comfortable environment while also slashing your energy bills and curtailing the cost of living in the process.

Improves Indoor Home Comfort

Setting clearly imposed limits on heating saves energy, and it can also make your home even more comfortable to live in. Never feel too hot or too cold again - your Smart Home System can be fully controlled to make indoor work, relaxation and day-to-day activities a serene experience. What's more, this comfort can also extend to the other side of the world, allowing you to control your heating almost anywhere from your smartphone.

Devices Controlled From Anywhere In The World

Simply download the Salus Smart Home App via your smartphone or desktop computer. The Smart Home system uses Zigbee: a high level, long distance and low power data transmission network that's also incredibly reliable and secure. When you open your app, you'll be able to control heating, lighting and electrical ON/OFF type devices, depending on what you currently own. Whether you're sitting on your sofa at home or stretched out on a sunbed halfway around the world, you can lower your heating settings and even cut the power on certain items, providing you have an internet connection. This is great for creating programmes, such as 'turning everything off at night' while you're away.

Monitors Your Energy Use

If you own the Salus SP600 Smart Home Plug you can view energy consumption data which will let you easily determine which devices in your home - that are plugged into the Smart Plug - are using the most energy. Once these energy-draining devices have been identified, you can take action and limit their use. By looking at the energy history of a certain device, you can also work out if it has become inefficient over time or even faulty, allowing you to change, replace or control its output further.

Detects Issues And Security Breaches

The Salus Smart Home System doesn't just stop at energy saving heating and home comfort. A crucial feature of Smart Home is detection failure reports that are sent via text or straight to your email inbox. Whether there's a fire or a water leak in your heating system - providing you've integrated something like the Salus WLS600 Water Leak Detector Sensor - you can easily be alerted to the issue and then address it before significant damage occurs.

The Salus SW600 Window & Door Heating Control Sensor can also be used in tandem with your Smart Home System to detect burglars and intruders. If the sensor detects a breach, you'll receive a report letting you know that a window or door has been opened.

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