Smart thermostats aren't a gimmick, a fad-gadget or a flashy accessory - they're here to stay. They'll also work hard to save you money on your heating bills in the process. From controlling the temperature to setting heating schedules, a smart thermostat can do everything a normal thermostat does. But what sets them apart from ordinary 'stats is their ability to adapt to your lifestyle, giving you a truly tailor-made home heating experience from wherever you are.

Whether you're feeling the effects of the on-going energy crisis or you're concerned about the environmental impact of your home, a more personalised heating experience and access to your heating controls wherever you are will ensure that no energy is wasted in your home. Smart thermostats are an investment, but the long-term benefits yielded will allow you to save money and lead to a more energy-efficient life.

Smart thermostats work by connecting up to your heating system using an internet connection. You'll be able to use your smart 'stat just like a regular one. However, the additional smartphone access and adaptive features will allow anyone who leads a busy, unpredictable and varied lifestyle to save money. Depending on the type of smart thermostat you get, you may also be able to use it with smart home ecosystems such as Apple HomeKit - delivering a multitude of different features, functions and connectivity capabilities to enjoy.

In our latest blog, Eco Wizard will take you through some of the smartest ways a smart thermostat can save you money on the biggest utility expense in your home. From familiar features to surprising functions, we've even handpicked a few of our best-selling smart thermostats from some of the most trusted brands in the smart home industry, including Honeywell, Netatmo and Salus.

#1. Adapts To Your Lifestyle, Routine Or Work Schedule

You can use your smart thermostat manually and set up schedules as normal, but they can also learn and adapt to your heating habits. Your smart thermostat will get to understand what temperature you like when you're at home, and if you use it normally for a few days it will create a schedule that's tailored to your exact preferences. So whether you're home late on a Tuesday evening or you like your rooms to be nice and warm whatever day you arrive home, your smart thermostat will take these details into account when building your very own personal heating schedule.

#2. Reacts To Weather Forecasts

Some smart thermostats can even take the weather forecast into account to ensure no energy is used wastefully. They use weather information to optimise energy efficiency by adjusting indoor temperatures to adjust to warmer and colder days throughout the year. So, not only will you create a more pleasant, efficient and low-carbon-footprint home, you'll also make cost savings by avoiding constant manual adjustments and heat schedules that don't reflect outdoor weather conditions.

#3. Remotely Control Your Stat Using A Smartphone App

Whether you're at home, in the office or coming back from a day out, you'll be able to access your heating controls at the tap of a smartphone app. Going to be home earlier than planned? Simply open the app and adjust the temperature settings in a matter of seconds. If your smart stat is compatible with a popular voice assistant such as Amazon or Google, you can enjoy another level of effortless heating control from your app.

#4. Set Up Individual Heating 'Zones'

Smart thermostats can allow you to create or expand heating zones. Simply put, 'zones' are areas, or rooms of your home that can be individually controlled. Heating up your empty, lesser used or out-of-use rooms can be an incredible burden on heating costs. So by heating specific zones according to frequency of use and your specific requirements, you can choose which of these zones are heated or not. If you want to save money we suggest buying a smart stat with this function and setting up zones in your home.

#5. Track Energy Usage & Save On Heating Bills

Depending on your smart stat's specs, you'll be able to access energy usage data, consumption history and daily, monthly or yearly timelines to track and adapt to the way you use energy. By having these metrics to hand via your smartphone app, you'll be able to figure out your own personal peak times, calculate when you're using the most energy and react accordingly to curb costs and save money.

#6. A Wide Range Of Options To Choose From...

Netatmo Energy-Saving Smart Comfort Thermostat

Control your heating system with energy-saving benefits and home comfort in mind... The Netatmo Smart Comfort Thermostat can be controlled using your smartphone and comes with a range of features including adaptive temperature schedules, energy saving reports, a real time temperature readout and easy manual temperature adjustment. The additional Auto-Adapt function will use your home’s insulation and the outdoor temperature to programme when your heat should switch on.

Honeywell T6H700RW500 T6R Smart Thermostat

This cutting-edge smart thermostat not only comes with an attractive modern design, it also lets you schedule with up to 6 independent time and temperature pairs to suit your comfort needs. Smart Home and Apple HomeKit-ready with a high quality LCD touchscreen, this thermostat has been made to enhance indoor comfort and the mobile app will also allow you to change settings, make schedule amendments and access smartphone geolocation temperature control.

Salus iT500 Smartphone Controlled Wireless Thermostat

Enjoy heating and hot water control or 2 heating zones with this smartphone, tablet and PC-compatible smart stat. This easy to install and use wireless heating thermostat can also be used for cooling applications as well as heating, giving you the freedom to set up a selection of programs, times and temperatures to suit your individual requirements. The iT500 uses your existing broadband internet connection and includes a thermostat gateway and receiver (ITG500 & IT500RX) as standard.

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